9 Cars out of the Race at the 24 Hours.

After what can be only described as a great start in the perfect weather, a hail of rain brought with it a series of wrecks do to the onslaught of wet weather. In the first 2 hours of  the race there were 2 separate weather fronts that soaked the circuit making the track treacherous to navigate. It caught out the leading Audi and Toyota. The # 3 Audi  driven by Albuquerque, Bonanomi and Jarvis was retired. Leaving the two other remaining Audis to dual the Porsches’ and Toyotas’ for the overall win.

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The motorsports racing season is underway!

The racing season has started with several events sparking controversy
among the teams, drivers, fans and governing bodies. The IMSA series is suffering from “Merging Pains”, Formula 1 is ailing from V8 exhaust note envy and every other series is suffocating from over regulation and politics. Viewer beware!!

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CGF MotorSports Magazine

Hey what happened did you forget about my project? Several emails no reply, you won’t even give me a courtsey call?

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Relaunch of the New Cars-go-fast.com coming in late March.

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Welcome to CGF Motorsports !!!

Greetings and Welcome to CGF Motorsports (cars-go-fast.com) we cover everything from Formula 1 to MotoGP and everything in between. We will announce our views on the latest from the racing world and invite to do the same. (Within reason.) Come back often to see what we know and how we see it. Pull your straps tight one more time because it is time to go racing.  Our first topic is the Formula 1 US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas.  Stay Tuned!


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